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Big Sister, Saves Little

Eight-year-old Charley and 2-year-old Autumn were riding with their dad Adam when they stopped at a Kwik Trip in Oak Creek, about 12 miles south of Milwaukee, WI. Adam got out to ask someone for directions and then heard the screech of tires and saw his vehicle speeding off with his two daughters still in the car! Charley said she thought about trying to defend herself and sister but thought it would be best to sit there and be quiet. Back at the Kwik Trip, Adam had called 911 and was also on the phone with his wife, who was tracking the stolen car on her phone. Luckily, the driver ended up ditching the car about a mile up the road, so Charley grabbed her dad's phone from the front of the car and called her mother. Police located the girls at the store and reported that the children were safe and unharmed. It’s a great reminder that no matter the circumstances, never leave your keys in the car, even if just for a minute. You can see the whole story now and the good news is… police took three people, ages 17, 20 and 21, into custody.


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