Coach O's Biggest Fan

There have been multiple stories over the years about our next superstar, and once you hear about him and see his smile, you’ll know why.  10 year old Colton Moore is a spina bifida patient who lives in Odenville, AL, in a family of diehard Auburn Tigers supporters.  Colton IS a Tigers fan, but it’s the LSU Tigers he calls his fave!  Last fall when Colton’s mom, Jennifer Moore, posted a photo of him on her Facebook page saying how much he wanted to meet coach Ed Orgeron, it took only moments for LSU to notice.  Then Colton got to meet him in October.  Earlier this year, a fellow LSU fan made it possible for Colton to go to the National Championship!  A few weeks ago, he underwent another surgery to help heal an infection.  It was his 43rd surgery in his 10 short years, so if you’re a praying person, add him to your prayer list this week.  Learn more about Colton.

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