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Secret Guardian Angel

Hody Childress was a farmer living off his meager retirement savings in the small town of Geraldine, AL, about an hour from Huntsville. Ten years ago, he walked into Geraldine Drugs and pulled aside owner Brooke Walker to ask if there were families in town who couldn’t afford to pay for their medications, and of course there were many.  So Hody handed the pharmacist a $100 bill and told her to use it for anyone who couldn’t afford their prescriptions. He said, “Don’t tell a soul where the money came from. If they ask, just tell them it’s a blessing from the Lord.” Hody did this every month for years until he died on New Year’s Day at the age of 80. The pharmacist finally told his family, who then shared it with the town and people were so moved by it, many are keeping the legacy alive by doing the same thing. The drugstore calls it the Hody Childress Fund and it’s really inspiring to see how it affects everyone.

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