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What happened on Isaiah Hofer’s Manitoba farm last year was something lifelong farmers had never seen before. Potatoes were coming out of the ground in such numbers that after fulfilling all his normal deliveries and quotas, he still had 10 million pounds of potatoes left. That’s almost 100,000 bags of extra potatoes. In potato language, a bag is 100 pounds. He could have let them rot into fertilizer, but instead, Isaiah found out about a US food charity called Farmlink Project. Since 2020, they have rescued around 100 million pounds of food from going to waste on farms and distributing it to food banks across North America. Soon 115 trucks were carrying the spuds to food banks and charities mostly around the province of Ottawa, but as far away as San Diego, California. Sometimes too much is a good problem to have, and you can see the whole story here,,, BTW, all these potatoes were claimed actually within eight to nine days so nothing went to waste!


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