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We all know that losing a loved one is a sad thing, and most times, the funeral is a somber event. An Arizona woman who lost her husband at a young age decided to celebrate his life in a different way… with a “FUN”-eral. A couple of months ago, Katie Young suddenly lost her husband, Brandon, after he suffered a stroke at the age of 39 and then passed away a few weeks later. The couple had three children together and Katie didn’t want them to have  “horrible memories” of their dad’s send-off. She said it wouldn’t be true to Brandon’s memory, so she held a ‘FUN-eral’ to celebrate her late husband’s life, complete with his favorite food, a bouncy castle, and ‘party bags’ for guests to take home, among the many good vibes. She displayed his artwork and put up crafting tables for people to make their own art, and displayed Brandon’s vast record collection so everyone could take home a goodie bag of items that would keep his memory alive. It’s definitely not the norm, but many believe it’s a great way to truly celebrate someone’s life.

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