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One of our favorite things about Sonrise is hearing from people who’ve been touched by something they heard on the show. Whether it’s a song that made an impact on your life, or a story that someone shared, it’s great to know that it’s helped in some way, so if there is something that has touched you in a special way, we’d love to hear about it. Everybody has a story, and we’d love to hear yours.

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Amanda Chitsey is a nurse who travels to several nursing homes in the Harrison, AR area.  One day she took her 11-year-old daughter, Ruby, with her.  Ruby, with notepad in hand, started asking residents if they could have any three things, what would they be.  She was mostly just curious what they'd say, thinking they’d ask for houses or money.  The answers she actually received were electric razors, new shoes, and for some reason, a lot of people asked for Vienna sausages.  Ruby decided she could help with that and started a charity called "Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents."  Now, while her mom is caring for patients, Ruby goes room-to-room, jots down wishes, and then sets out to grant those wishes through a GoFundMe to cover costs. When we started production of the show, Ruby was about $10,000 shy of a quarter of a million dollars!  Ruby is doing way more than just giving items to people… she’s showing them what it’s like to love a stranger.