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One of our favorite things about Sonrise is hearing from people who’ve been touched by something they heard on the show. Whether it’s a song that made an impact on your life, or a story that someone shared, it’s great to know that it’s helped in some way, so if there is something that has touched you in a special way, we’d love to hear about it. Everybody has a story, and we’d love to hear yours.

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amazonhomelessIf you’ve ever seen a homeless person in the city or near a landmark and thought you’d like to help, but didn’t want to just give money, Rob Bliss came up with a smart way to help the half a million homeless people in the United States by using an unlikely app: Amazon Prime. In a lot of urban areas, Amazon now delivers in a matter of hours, and he wondered if more people would help if it were easy to do, so he set up an experiment to find out. Rob thought, “What if we could repurpose the same app we use to deliver ice cream and iPhone chargers, to finally bring that guy a pair of socks?” He approached a homeless man and simply asked him what he needed. Rob ordered it from Amazon and then watched to see Amazon deliver the goods. He’s got it all on video and explains how to do it yourself. Maybe it will inspire you to order something for someone in need!