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One of our favorite things about Sonrise is hearing from people who’ve been touched by something they heard on the show. Whether it’s a song that made an impact on your life, or a story that someone shared, it’s great to know that it’s helped in some way, so if there is something that has touched you in a special way, we’d love to hear about it. Everybody has a story, and we’d love to hear yours.

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deernewfriendsRudie the baby deer was just 2 days old when he was rushed to the vet clinic missing half his front leg. He needed surgery and a new home, so one of the nurses at the clinic brought him home and introduced him to her dogs. They all welcomed Rudie, and before you know it, he grew stronger and faster! He made a lot of new animal friends, and he visits nursing homes to spread joy. And, he even has his own Instagram page. Check out the adorable video of Rudie and his new life. It might even be one you’ll want to share.